C.S.G. Gica reflects on 75 + 1 years of freedom

75+1 years of liberation. Also with C.S.G. Gica we stand still and commemorate.

Last year we rehearsed ‘Annelies’, a piece by James Whitbourn (about the life of Anne Frank) for the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands. We have recorded part of this piece, the poem ‘Der Winter ist vergangen’, as Virtual Choir.

In collaboration with the poet Paul Marius Borggreve, we went in search of a ‘Groningen Anne Frank’. In doing so, Mr. Borggreve came across the story of Selma van Hasselt, a young woman who committed herself to the resistance and unfortunately died at the age of 24 in camp Malchow.

Mr Borggreve has written the beautiful poem ‘A horrible tidings’, inspired by the life story of Selma van Hasselt. The story and poem, supported by beautiful illustrations by Sanne van Veen, can be found in this special version of the Virtual Choir (note: the poem is in Dutch).

The implementation of this project was made possible in part by the Vfonds, the Municipality of Groningen and ’75+1 years of freedom in Groningen’. Thanks to De Verhalen van Groningen and VRIJDAG Advies.

Further thanks to:

– Paul Marius Borggreve, poet
– David van Roijen, conductor (and editor)
– Arjen de Boer (video and sound editing)
– Martijn Meelker (video and sound editing)
– Sanne van Veen (video and sound editing)