About C.S.G. Gica

Gica is the most welcoming student choir in Groningen! The choir has been singing together for over 55 years and in that time has performed a wide variety of classical music, from Bach and Handel to Britten, Fauré and Whitacre. Often a capella, but also regularly accompanied by organ, piano or an ensemble. The name Gica is an abbreviation of Gaudete In Cantando (Latin for “rejoice in singing”), and that’s what we do: every Thursday evening and during the two or more concerts we give each year.

The members themselves decide which pieces Gica sings: every six months they vote for the next project. This has resulted in us singing a very varied repertoire (see also: What Gica sang). For over ten years, Gica has been under the musical direction of conductor David van Roijen, who also sang with Gica as a student.

Everyone is welcome at Gica: there are no auditions. And besides the singing, there is a lot of fun. You can get to know the other members of your voice group (soprano, alto, tenor or bass) better during the voice group evenings and in recent years, under the leadership of the Activities Committee, there has been ice skating, film watching, wine tasting, swimming, dining, partying and dancing. Recurring activities include celebrating Sinterklaas together and a cycling dinner.