Gica in a nutshell

C.S.G. Gica is a student choir in Groningen with about 50 members. The choir was founded in 1965 and has a long and rich history of over fifty years! The name Gica is short for Gaudete in Cantando, which is Latin for ‘rejoice in singing’! And that’s what we do every week. We mainly sing classical pieces, but our concerts often include music from contemporary composers. Every six months (a semester) we start a new project, which ends with at least one big concert. The rehearsals take place every Thursday from 19:30 until 22:00 in the Oosterkerk (E. Thomassen à Thuessinklaan 1). Please note that rehearsals are in Dutch, but we know from experience that foreign students blend in easily. It is also the perfect opportunity to learn Dutch!

In addition to singing together, we often organize fun activities such as theme parties, pub quizzes, and cycling dinners. We also go for drinks together after every rehearsal, so there is plenty of time to get to know your fellow choir members!

Student choir Groningen

Do you think joining Gica might be something for you? We are always happy to welcome new members with any pitch of voice (soprano, alto, tenor or bass). It does not matter if you have any experience with singing in a choir or not. Just give it a try and come by at any open rehearsal in the beginning of each project (in September or February). You can try and see what it’s like to sing along and you get the chance to get to know the other members of Gica. If you prefer to first listen before singing yourself, you can also come to one of our concerts.

!! It is only possible to join Gica in September and February, because of our semi-annual projects.