Mini-concert in Kropswolde – June 4

Student choir Gica sings: ‘A short trip around the Baltic Sea’

This mini-concert will give a preview of Gica’s current project: “A trip around the Baltic Sea”. Imagine you are sailing in the middle of the Baltic Sea and listening carefully around you. In the southwest you hear pious Danish baroque music by Mogens Pedersøn and passionate romantic songs by Niels Gade. Directly to the west, psalms by August Söderman and various Swedish folk tunes echo. From the east come modern compositions by Arvo Pärt and Pēteris Vasks.

The countries surrounding the Baltic Sea house an enormous variety of classical choral music, and with Gica we will bring that to your ears! We not only sail around the Baltic Sea, but also travel through time, from early baroque to contemporary classical music.

Sunday June 4
Kerk van Kropswolde
Woldweg 115
Start: 15:00