Student choir Gica sings: ‘On both sides of the Alps’

Italy and Germany. Musically unique, but also inseparable from each other. In the program “On both sides of the Alps”, Student Choir Gica sketches two very different musical images that have a lot to do with each other.

We will start in Italy, where we will perform Italian madrigals and religious works such as Sfogava con le stelle and Cantate Domino by two great composers, Palestrina and Monteverdi, among others.

On the other side of the Alps we arrive in Germany, but with one leg left in the south! We not only sing Heinrich Schütz’s German Magnificat, but also Italian madrigals. We also put both feet in Germany and sing some beautiful German chorales by J.S. Bach.

The webshop for the presale is already closed, but you can still buy your tickets at the door.

Friday January 27
Het Anker
Jan Frankensingel 30
Start: 20:15
Saturday January 28 
Lutherse kerk
Haddingestraat 23
Start: 20:15
Tickets Oosterwolde:
At the door: €10,-
Discount rate*: €9,-
Presale: €8,-
Discount rate*: €7,-
Tickets Groningen:
At the door: €12,50
Discount rate*: €10,-
Presale: €11,50
Discount rate*: €9,-

*discount applies to people under the age of 18, students and holders of a Stadjerspas. In Oosterwolde, the discount also applies to 65+.